Britny Fox @ Don Hill's Concert Review
Wednesday, June 6th, 2001
Don Hill's is an outrageous joint: Sure you get the burn-outs (like myself), but young, fine women actually go there to ROCK. And though I've seen Spacehog, Cherie Currie and the infamous Dickies here, this was my first Rock Candy night. Britny Fox topped the bill and DJ Steve Blush spun Enuff Z' Nuff, Bullet Boys, Faster Pussycat, and Fastway as a warm-up that wasn't a let-down. He even dealt out prime Cheap Trick and Kiss (more later), again proving the tubular production of the 70s beats the 80s big bang. Throw live footage of Aerosmith and the animated sex of the Heavy Metal movie on the screens and already the night is unforgettable. Anyway, due to membership upheavals and the genocide of hair metal, you're messing with a leaner, meaner son of a Britny Fox. After a strong opening with "Long Way to Love," Fox held the crowd with Nazareth's swilling "Hair of the Dog." Diminutive johnny-come-lately front man Tom Paris was funny and cool: "Weıre gonna do some Dan Fogelberg." Then he did an a cappella version of Supertramp's glittering "Give a Little Bit" wrapped around the Fox chestnut "Dream On." Most of the songs came from the lovely titled "Bite Down Hard", but the small crowd rallied around earlier tracks.  Billy Childs is an amiable bassist who looks like C.C.'s mellow older brother (If you donıt know who C.C. is, why are you reading?). Drummer Johnny Dee got a solo (are these really necessary?). German guitarist and Fox founder Michael Kelly Smith (formerly of the "Glen Miller Band") threw out some fire from the cityscape painted on his BC Rich, but by his prolonged solo, no one really cared (Course Fox didn't take the stage till 1 a.m., nothing cool about that.). Tommy won the crowd back with falafel questions and a bit of "Train Kept a Rollin'" before Slade's smoker "Gudbuy T' Jane" and then Fox's raison d'etre "Girlschool." At this point, I was distracted by some obnoxious long-haired troublemaker trying to corral the few hotties onto the stage. The show wrapped with Alex Harvey's "Midnight Moses" and "Shout It Out Loud" featuring Johnny singing the Gene parts (70s win again). Not a bad Wednesday rummage through the smoldering ashes of the brilliant music that led up to the heady daze of tight trous and high hair. -STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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