Caddyshack 2 Soundtrack Review


A sorry soundtrack from an even sorrier sequel, Caddyshack 2 shoots a plastic bubble of 80's innocuousness into the listener's bloodstream. The resulting prognosis spells gloom, but luckily this brain-drain has been taken off the market. Kenny Loggins tries to duplicate his glorious stomper "I'm Alright," but misses the green on "Nobody's Fool." Earth, Wind and Fire need to be taken off the course at this point. Ric Ocasek's production can be provocative (Bad Brains, D Generation) but Patty Smyth's "I Run Right Back" runs on empty. Professional song-scribe Diane Warren wrote "Run" plus another below-par dud for the Pointer Sisters. Annoying "Axel F"ing keyboards abound; "Jack Fresh" actually inquires "Where's the beef?" Without the benefit of video, Lisa Lisa comes off as a Ms. Jackson b-side. This umpteenth version of novelty nugget "Money" may be Cheap Trick's lowest point, beaconing future slow grinders and the worst Busted bits (not to mention those chafing artificial horns). Caddyshack 2 isn't bad in a fun way, just dangerous. Don't go back to the shack, play through.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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