City Nights Album Review


City Nights, of course, includes Gilder's chart-topping raison d'etre "Hot Child in the City"; the Canadian actually strove to release the pedestrian "All Because of Love" first, but Chrysalis wisely pushed for this street-walking tale to break Gilder in America.  As for the rest of the record, the cognoscenti know the surrounding disco-metal set off a global tremor still felt in the "21st Century." From the crisp robot come-on of second single "Here Comes the Night" to the trench-coated social worker flirting in "Got to Get Out," Gilder calmly claims his crown as the king of an insular world of kinky hooks and killer rhythms where any ace pop fan should strive to reside. All of this jukebox Nabokov's 70's work is facile and frequently brilliant. Rock away your frustration and fly high into the City Nights.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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