Handsome Dick Manitoba Bio for Cheap Trash NYC
When a reporter asked Handsome Dick Manitoba if his band, of course named the Dictators, was new wave, the King of Men replied, "We ain't no new wave, Jack. We're the tidal wave." Richard Blum was born in the Bronx, spent time in the Catskills, and started out as roadie and cook for the Dictators. When he destroyed too much equipment setting up gigs, the Dics decided it may be cheaper and safer to keep him onstage. This lead to unforgettable antics like the Handsome One driving the Dics' van through the front of a building, assaulting Geddy Lee fans with fast food when opening for Rush, and a knock-down-drag-out with Wayne/Jayne County.

Legendary debut The Dictators Go Girl Crazy appeared in '75, with Handsome Dick decked-out in wrestling regalia on the front, and songs concerning TV, beer, cars and girls. Appropriately credited as a "secret weapon," Manitoba was the full-time vocalist by the delayed follow-up Manifest Destiny. Another excellent platter, Bloodbrothers, dropped in '78, but the Dictators finally dissipated in '81. Handsome Dick and guitarist Scott "Top Ten" Kempner began working with another New York group, Del-Lords in the early 80's, while the Dics' legend lived on through a posthumous live release.  Ten years later, Manitoba's Wild Kingdom popped up on MTV. Comprised of, naturally, Manitoba and two other Dics, bassist Andy Shernoff and mega-guitarist Ross the Boss (also a member of the monolithic Manowar), Manitoba's Wild Kingdom released one record, ... And You As the 90's progressed, the Handsome One's  NYC bar became a local institution and the Dictators reunited for several regional shows. A new studio album, DFFD (Dictators Forever Forever Dictators, appeared in 2001, yet another timeless blow to the head from Handsome Dick Manitoba.

-Stone, Cheap Trash NYC
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