Dirty Laundry Album Review

Cleveland International

Dirty Laundry is actually a glorious accident as Ian Hunter originally intended to record only a few songs at Abbey Road, but was swept up in the energy from a knock-out band, resulting in one of his best works. As Hunter's output lessens, every nugget dispensed from this sultan of snarl has merit, but all 12 of these tracks are quality songs, most written on-the-spot in the studio. Hunter seems relaxed and happy to jam with an all-star band of talented unknowns. One of Hunter's many enduring and endearing traits is his unwavering knack for writing slight, meaningless rock tunes. His gift for garnishing the obvious is laced with gnarly slide and female back-up for a great opener, "Dancing on the Moon." The hidden prize is the prime "Psycho Girl" by pseudo-legend Honest John Plain who also provides the golden "Good Girls (a single)." "Another Fine Mess (evoking the spectre of late soul mate Mick Ronson)" and "Scars" are the type of hangover meditations Hunter always pulls off. "Invisible Strings" maintains Dirty Laundry's pick-up pub feel, but the playing holds together and no cut goes on too long. "Junkee Love" showcases smokin' guitar and the Bo Diddley beat. Dirty Laundry doesn't lapse into depression until the close, because no one wants to go home. Hunter proves to be one of the most consistently strong singer/songwriters ever. His status as king of the cut-out bins adds credibility to his lyrics and believability to his singing. His music is now essential listening, collector's items teetering on the brink of obscurity; but there will always be a place for a genuine treasure like Ian Hunter.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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