Doro Interview

DORO Delectable metal from Germany, Doro is a stunning rock queen the likes of which you've never seen. Doro led heavy export WARLOCK to fame in the 80's. Now she's on the road with vocal guru DIO, pushing her new masterwork Call of the Wild which features many of her other heavy heroes: "When I first met Lemmy (MOTORHEAD), I couldn't even speak English, but this time around we had great conversations." Which lead to two striking pieces of work, "Alone Again" and "Love Me Forever," highlights on an album awash in grandeur. "Lemmy is such a pal. He's big-time into practicing German and 'Es war cinfach grossartig Dir' at the end of the linear notes is for him. Initially, I just wrote him a letter and a couple of weeks later he called and wanted to do something together with Bob Kulick who is such an amazing guitarist. I went to LA and we were kicking ideas around and he played me 'Alone Again' which I loved. Then I asked if he would like to record 'Love Me Forever' again. He is definitely one of the coolest guys Išve met in music: full of wisdom."

Journeyman Al Pitrelli (SAVATAGE, MEGADETH, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA) leaves his mark on Calling the Wild. "I always hear good things about Al but he was always on tour when I was in the studio and vise versa. We met after a Savatoge show and he wanted to do the track right then at 3 in the morning. An awesome player."

Jurgen Engler of panzer-metal dudes DIE KRUPPS also adds a brief vocal contribution to DORO's version of the William Broad/Steve Stevens masterpiece "White Wedding." "He has worked with me for many years. We have a good thing going. I met him in '95 and we are studio partners in Germany. We are ready to do another record together. Another luminary on the record is former KISS drummer Eric Singer: "We planned on Eric doing one song, but he was so fast he played two in one day. I loved to have Eric play on the record because I'm a big KISS fan. I'm in one of the many KISS armies." "I also listened to METALLICA, LED ZEPPLIN and JUDAS PRIEST. And I love Last in Line by DIO. We toured together back in 1988 and now I see him singing his heart out every night again.

"Metal is coming back in a big way in America. In Europe it never went but here the early 90's was a bummer for metal. Now touring is so much fun, like in the 80's, with fans moshing. I was highly impressed the fans knew all the lyrics from the first record to Calling the Wind. I also feel out the audience whether they want to hear more heavy stuff or melodic stuff, and they like it rough." Check out "Tony is doing such a great job. Because of him I got the record deal in the States. I met him while  touring in Europe, and he said, 'I'm so bummed American fans can't get your material anymore. I'm going to do something.' And two weeks later, because of the site, we had two record deals. The fans also got me my first record deal 18 years ago. That means a lot to me."

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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