Livin' on the Edge Ep Review


Get a Grip turned out to be one of Aerosmith's most contrived and contemptible records, b ut fans never would have known from advance EP Livin' on the Edge which whips out two extra, exceptional treats. First, two stripped-down demos of the apocalyptic, Yardbirds- referencing "Livin' on the Edge" bring out the quintet's individual contributions much clearer than the glossed-over album version. And the dilapidating finale fits the song better as well. The 'Smith get their rocks off with a silly swagger  in "Don't Stop," one of those arena chant flip-offs/outs only the Beantown boys can give cred. The lid really blows with "Can't Stop Messin'": a masturbation ode the Toxic Twins co-authored with team-up marvels Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw detailing the classifieds, he-shes, and the religion of the hand. Production by the late, great Canadian Bruce Fairbairn stuffs this package until the inevitable explosion, then begins another wind-up with mouth-harp, a killer ascending chorus and cutting-edge guitar-sonics for the close of a disc with all the wit and grit Get a Grip should have writ large. The dirty old men of Aerosmith deliver in less than thirty minutes, with not a hang-dog ballad or stiff hip-hop beat in sight.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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