Empathy for the Devil Album Review


The Electric Hellfire Club is the brainchild of former Thrill Kill Kult associate Thomas Thorn whose warped vision survived a decade of death and drugs. Join the Club now as they soldier into the next millennium with this accessible double (though it should fit on one) disc "tribute to the man downstairs." Combining the band's limited vinyl Halloween Medley with other pertinent remakes shows what a smoking unit the erratic EHC can be given solid material. Recent metal leanings are celebrated with "Highway to Hell" and "Shout at the Devil." EHC then kicks INXS and kills Bela all over again. Kindred spirit Type O also goes through Hellfire, along with the Cure and John Carpenter ("Halloween Theme," natch) rounding out this pumpkin pie. Plus, Abaddon of Venom produces the burning "Bishop's Folly," a new cut. Thus, Empathy for the Devil is one wild ride and the most consistent treat yet from this truly tricky outfit.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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