In The Night, Famous Monsters
Album Review

Record Label : Bong Load

Famous Monsters leave behind a one-take wipe-out, as garage as garage gets. This kind of nonsense makes for an entertaining live show but produces a lacking studio CD. Devil Doll (Sean Yseult), Vampire Girl (Brijitte West), and Shezilla (Carol Cutshall) are three girls who just want to have fun, and In the Night is charming, but except for a couple cuts (title track, Cheap Trick cover) and the packaging (personal profiles, great song titles), one is better off venturing out to a Famous Monsters show rather than paying full price for this beach trash. Maybe Yseult and West were tired of their big-league days in White Zombie and NY Loose; but their talent and this skewered mix of Dick Dale, Saturday cartoons, Halloween creatures, and Garage Revival should result in a better record than In The Night.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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