Where I Should Be Album Review


Frampton's fall from grace has been scrutinized ad nauseam, but notice the abundant use of "I" on this record as opposed to "You" in his hottest songs: "Do You Feel Like We Do," "I'll Give You Money," and "I'm in You." Here, Frampton's focused on self-preservation, rather than just blasting audiences like the straight rocker he is. The decent title cut begs to be "Back on the road, where I should be." No doubt, as over the last year Frampton suffered a car accident and Sgt. Pepper as his celebrity star imploded. The most excellent opener "I Can't Stand It No More" lets loose another cry for the simpler days (akin to Cheap Trick's "Stop This Game"); the single even rose to #13 on Billboard's Top 40, the last time Frampton would see the charts. Otherwise this wax stumbles over some weird disco steps, and drags in the talk box for an attempt at former glory. Frampton's always tried to escape the gilded cage of his looks, first through the dirty blooze of Humble Pie and then as a low-key average joe whose career unexpectedly hit the stratosphere. By Where I Should Be, the world wanted too much from Frampton, a rock guitarist trapped in a teenybopper body. Frampton wanted to go to the sun, in retrospect, we're lucky he's still alive.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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