Halford Interview

Few metal vocalists last 30 years, and none have a history or a voice like Rob Halford. After twenty storied years as the beast of Judas Priest, two records with power-rock practitioners "Fight", anda brief electronic excursion with Trent Reznor in "Two", Halford now fronts an eponymous unit whose razor-sharp debut Resurrection rips into the millennium with all guns blazing. "I wanted everyone to commit to Halford for as long as we enjoy working together. I work in a team evironment. All of my best moments come from being inspired by the creative spontaneity of blasting out riffs and rhythms and creating tempos and different emotions: a jigsaw / bit-by-bit process. But it's mainly gut instinct that you acquire as a musician through practice, being tenacious and learning your craft."

Halford maintains his complex lexicon of mature metal on Resurrection by welding a mechanized motif with his personal history: "It's very easy to write music, but Resurrection is an important record for me so I insisted on putting in an enormous amount of time and effort to get the best possible results. I looked at my great moments and picked up on times I worked with Bob Halligan Jr. during Priest. I tracked him down in Nashville. He said, It'd be great to see if I can still pull a good rock thing together, and he sent me the idea for Twist."

Resurrection also brings two metal giants together as Bruce Dickinson impacts one track. "It's weird that we've never sung together, and Bruce was hanging out in the LA studio when Roy Z, who produced Resurrection and also produced Bruce's CD, said 'I've got this tune,' and in a few hours we had "The One You Love to Hate." "Not only is Roy a tremendously talented producer and sound-engineer, but hes a gifted guitar player: a great thing to have in a producer. He's a hard-core metal head, and hes followed my career from day one." "Metal is still a worldwide experience, but America is like a second home to me. Making an impression on the American music scene from the outside is quite an achievement. Of course I've been fortunate with Priest and that still lingers in the media and on the radio and with the fans. I just think it's cool that someone like me can still be a part of everything."

"I'm extremely lucky. My voice is the great gift that enables me to do what I do. It's given me tremendous amounts of pleasure and the great fortune of a real career in rock n' roll. I believe you get out of it what you put into it. I love this more than anything in the world. I'm grateful I've had an amazing time with what I do and people still want to be a part of what I create. When you tour and see your work transpiring into a connection with thousands of other people, the circle's complete. That's all I need to keep me fired-up and inspired.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC

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