Hole In My Soul Single Review


Aerosmith peels the intro off the classic raison d'etre "Dream On" for an unnecessary recycling on yet another meaningless, chum-ball ballad, "Hole in My Soul." The title is very appropriate, as blatantly ripping off oneself exiles the artist to a dank, inescapable, sub-basement in the rock-bottom of the well of crass commercialization. Actually, the ditty doesn't even reek as bad as the tainted cheese on Get a Grip, but "Hole in My Soul" never stands a chance with that blasphemous opening. What matters about this single is Joe Perry stepping into the white light with "Falling Off," a no-frills, rock-solid hard-lucker that proves these Beantown boys can not only get their wings, they can still take flight. Makes ya wonder how the 'Smith could execute such a sin on the flip.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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