Iron Fist Album Review


"Maybe I am a dinosaur, but I'm a Tyrannosaurus Rex". So speaks Lemmy Kilmister in the linear notes to Iron Fist, a revolver many motor homies consider a dud. After the initial release of this vinyl shrapnel, the classic incarnation disbanded, Lemmy became a bizarre celebrity, and Motorhead was locked into a status as an underground phenomenon, instead of rightfully conquering the world. However, none of these circumstances is the fault of the Iron Fist. Fast Eddie Clarke and Will Reid Dick take over the console, keeping things straight and simple. The songs, though, remain as great as ever: the five-fingered disconcertion of the heart-attack title track, the boogying Motorfestos "Religion" and "Speedfreak," the BOC-referencing "Shut It Down," and the quick-exit bonus bit "Remember Me, I'm Gone," all maintain the howitzer power of the trio's best work. "America" sports a savage surge, but one can sense the gears beginning to grind. Clarke hit the road to be replaced by former Thin Lizzy axe-ace Brian Robertson. Thus, Iron First ends the vintage Motorhead period, though Lemmy miraculously rebounded, finally delivering masterworks like Sacrifice and Overnight Sensation in the 90's. Don't know how vital the extra demos are (Hearing Lemmy bark is cool.), but Iron Fist is vital to your heavy rock collection: it still rocks and it still rules; it's still Motorhead.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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