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Cheap Trash Radio is back on top, too hot to stop, too fly to fool, and too cool for school. Now, the first 2002 edition of Cheap Trash Radio.

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Playlist for the month of January, 2002.

"Awaiting on You All" : George Harrison
This month's Cheap Trash Radio is dedicated to George. Here the quiet Beatle sings over Phil Spector production about a better place.

"Hole in Your Soul" : Abba
It's gotta be rock and roll.

"Venus Loon" : T. Rex
Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow may be Bolan's worst, but this cut shines like his greatest.

"Bad Reputation" : Thin Lizzy
Rough and tough with a groove, no one turns it up (sidedown) like Phil (gonna be on an Irish postage stamp in October) Lynott & Company.

"Vegetable" : Stisism
NY punkers cover a true oddity by the Beach Boys.

"Midnight Moses" : Britney Fox
Underneath the green veranda with those roxy rollers in Britny Fox covering Alex Harvey: "They call me the Midnight Moses, everything I touch is coming up roses".

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