Jawbreaker Soundtrack Album Review


Once Nirvana blew the doors open for the DIY/let's-make-a-band/indie/garage revival, and technology made it possible to make a record in your living room, keeping track of the staggering amount of great music is a daunting, nigh impossible, task. Soundtracks can be great samplers to certain shades of rock (at least within a label's roster), and Jawbreaker features many great bands that may have slipped under your radar. Roddy Bottum (late of Faith No More) leads Imperial Teen through "Yoo Hoo (also a video featuring Jawbreaker Rose McGowen)" and the ranting "Water Boy." Like many power pop bands, Letters to Cleo always seemed a hard-luck case. Here, Letters and leader Kay Hanley (the voice of Josie & the Pussycats) deliver "I See." Shampoo drops two dandies: the bubble-bursting "Trouble" definitely bounces, but their Barb Wire whirlwind"Donšt Call Me Babe" combines with the Friggs' "Love Potion #9" rewrite "Bad Word for a Good Thing" to steal the whole show. The Donnas appear in the film, churning out "Rock 'N' Roll Machine (not the Triumph song)." Many times the oldies don't make the soundtrack, but uber-classic "Rock You Like a Hurricane" blows through a way-cool montage in the movie and is wisely included on Jawbreaker (yes, the Scorpions song). Transister slows the "Flow" in a good way, but otherwise Jawbreaker percolates (The Prissteens even conjure Joan Jett in "Beat You Up."). "She Bop" is too good to be remade, and a few cuts lack presence, but overall Jawbreaker is a good listen highlighting a smattering of girl rock that deserves more notice.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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