Loverboy Album Review


From its sleazo-cover to its schizo-content, Loverboy's first jerks all over the 70's musical map. The kids just know they're hot tonite [sic], and it doesn't matter whether a "Lady of the 80s" or a too little "Little Girl (lyrics typed across the sleeve)" walks through the door, Loverboy leaves 'em shouting for more with a phat serving of frat punk to show the era's reigning party kings Van Halen how Vancouver gets it done. The lion's share of the credit for this soiree goes to metal gurus Bruce Fairbairn and Bob Rock, who went on to conquer the world with Bon Jovi and Motley Crue, respectively. Everybody knows the roller rink rock of "Turn Me Loose" but check the private dick chasing the silicone hard-lucker in "D.O.A." ‹definitely AOR with attitude.  Put one foot in Hell with a "Teenage Overdose (the boys like 'em comatose)"  and bring back memories with "Always on My Mind": a sublime bit of FM sentiment, later equaled by Night Ranger's azure "Sing Me Away." Mike Reno's nasal pipes pack a six-pack punch, while honoring the Great White North helium legacy Geddy Lee spawned so long ago. Loverboy talks trash like April Wine but pouts and preens like the glamdrogynous Nick Gilder. No prissy ballads to round up the chicks, just disco-metal to take 'em down. Loverboy makes it easy to play hard. Horns and whatnot get tossed on the end, but nothing stops the rock.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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