Sparking Ray Gun Album Review
Mars Needs Women

Eggbert Records

Sparking Ray Gun shoots too soon with the oddly-titled opening-salvo "Spank." The four-chord follow-up also displays this Jersey garage gang's rippin' delivery and sore-throated Shawn's (no last names given) enjoyably gruff average-joe vocals; but both tracks are much ado about "Nothing." However, "Johnny" spikes the punch, and "Hero" gets the party started right. "Hero" is a smokin' number with a super animated video now lost forever. The quartet has the class to quote Cheap Trick's commercialistic corndog "He's a Whore" in the empathic and neurotic "No Show." Staying with '77, Mars Needs Women keeps things cooking by throwing a Damned cover on the grill. "Smile Away" and "Gimme What I Need" stick to the ribs and smack of Enuff Z Nuff's pop tarts. Guitar throttles throughout, with especially cool scratching in "T.V. Toy." Sparking Ray Gun bakes like a big American backyard bar-b-q: some tasty goods to fill up on and no life-changing events; but for the moment, it's paradise.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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