Johnny Mnemonic Soundtrack Review


One of those loud and pounding space-trucker soundtracks of the cybermetal strain that appeared in the wake of the industrial revolution. These compression blasts are sometimes the best way to sample myriad hot-wires like Helmet and Cop Shoot Cop, bands who rarely produce fulfilling full-lengths. Still too much digital dallying on Johnny Mnemonic, though. Stabbing Westward's "Nothing" is a worthy splice, but "Lost" never finds a purpose. Bono and the Edge continue U2's descent into electronic noodling with an ultra-average Clockwork Orange nod. KMFDM connects as usual through the synapse-snap "Virus," while Henry Rollins (actually in the film) spouts his usual much-ado in "I See Through." The rest of these tracks are just lost blips on a circuit board; file Johnny Mnemonic under aggro-frags that require visuals to be truly vital.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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