Motorhead Today Album Review


An unannotated assault combining two torrents from Motorhead's current catalog: the blistering Sacrifice and the monolithic Overnight Sensation. Both could have fit on one CD, but why bellyache when Motorhead Today is  budget priced. You know the score, Motorhead still splits skulls and shreds synapses, but the trio's thunder has become more mature and focused. This Encore Collection obviously aims for the indiscriminate neophyte as the hardcore will have the original cuts (but not in this order), so here goes for anyone who cares: Right out of the gate, the deadly "Sex and Death" lays the cards on the table in vintage amphetamine fashion. "Crazy Like a Fox" and "Civil War" couldn't be further apart in lyrical concerns, but both epitomize the Motorhead esthetic: say your piece and leave 'em in pieces. "Order/Fade to Black" throws out some tempo changes which the chargin' three deal deftly, as Motorhead defined this music. Lost power classic "Dog Faced Boy" squeezes every bit of oil out of its greasy groove. Another fine testament to Motorhead as the only big-timers to never sell-out, new standard "Overnight Sensation" recycles the "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers" riff as a coiling buzz-bass-line behind a sizzling expose of commercialism and stroking.  "Them Not Me" eludes critical examination as the Killmeister indiscernibly goes off on gettin' off. "In Another Time" proves Motorhead would have ruled any era. "Out of the Sun" hunts down some scorching Nugent chops and the smoking campfire acoustic closer "Listen to Your Heart" is not a Roxette remake. Cue up Motorhead Today, then let the shrapnel fly and the metal burn. Any rookies the least bit inclined after this scalding sampler should see the band live and be baptized. It never fails to amaze how heavy this trio remains. Why can't every band age like Motorhead?

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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