Extra Innings Album Review


The Outfield follows a simple modus operandi: high, yearning vocals and tight guitar lines stretched over compressed pop. Song after song, album after album, the trio pulls off this considerable hat trick to no monetary avail. Of course, song-craft doesn't make headlines or Total Request Live, yet discerning rock fans need to know that coach John Spinks qualifies as one of the most consistent melody merchants around. Each piece floats past like an afternoon reverie, while "Kiss the Rain," "Heaven's Little Angel," "Girl of Mine," and "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend (a concept shared with [wow] Type O Negative)" would rule the airwaves in a perfect universe. Toward the end, these power pop true-believers stray into some new territory, but never fear: The Outfield doesn't bore us, and the boys always get to the chorus which explodes like the goop in a sticky-sweet doughnut. Can't ask for much more from this clean-up collection of 15 audio-delights; especially in a time of tuneless, hook-free drivel, Extra Innings is a godsend. Small pleasures are the best pleasures. 'Nuff said.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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