Very Best of Roy Wood: Through the Years Album Review

Emi Classics Import

This collection stays fairly true to its title, chronologically lining up Move, Electric Light Orchestra, Wizzard, Helicopters, and solo Wood tracks. Because of a vast disparity of labels and bands, Wood singles and albums are difficult to attain in a cohesive and comprehensive compilation. The premium Through the Years does an admirable job, as the liner notes adhere (for the most part) to the track listing and the sound quality is decent. Most of these cuts are brilliant A-sides ("Tonight" & "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day") with a few insane B-sides ("Music to Commit Suicide By" & "Bend over Beethoven") thrown into the brew. Notice Cheap Trick cribbed the opening of "Downed" from ELO's "10536 Overture." The beautiful and rare "Green Glass Windows" is a stunning oddity. Though it too is less than perfect, the double Roy Wood: Exotic Mixture set, released later, eclipses this and most Wood collections (There are many.); but Through the Years remains a premium introduction into the wild, noisy and ingenious world of Wood.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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