Sedated in the 80's Vol. 4 Compilation Review


Obvious contender with Living in Oblivion, Sedated in the Eighties wins this time out with a price-busting collection of b-sides, video-onlys and other bits of arcania that may not be the finest representation of these esoteric acts, but are definitely worth a listen and so much cooler than another batch of songs you own, know-by-heart, and/or hear in car commercials. Sedated in the Eighties Vol. 4 (actually No. 4 on the cover, but you get the gist) wisely assumes right off that its audience is hard-core so relish the fact-filled linear notes and just push play: Blondie rips through a live assault on the the Nerves nugget, "Hanging on the Telephone"; the bodacious Belinda Carlisle croons behind the Smithereens; Dream Academy covers the Smiths on a long-lost Ferris Bueller deletion; Tears for Fears noodles (!); and the wonderfully terrible Tubes let a surprise guest detail dreams of owning a "Satellite" TV. Score this disc before it too goes out of print.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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