Sin City Album Review


Florida's Genitorturers are of that rare breed whose music will never live up to its maker. Leader Gen is a statuesque blond with obvious torture fetishes and extreme S&M erudition. Sin City, the band's second full length, mechanizes and bleaches the heavy pound of previous pain-fest 120 Days of Genitortoure. Gen just wants to have sick fun reworking societal mores but this time she's operating from the inside: A carnal carnival atmosphere, an AC/DC cover and a conceptual sex strain are candy-coatings that scream mainstream. Once she lures the unsuspecting between her black walls, she will do with them what she will. Genitorturers may never harness their psyche-scarring live vibe on CD, but Sin City still kicks and claws with some downright delectable tracks ( "One Who Feeds,"  "Razor Cuts"). And after discovering the great pop-secret of subversive substance under a commercial sheen, Gen may yet unleash a brilliant piece of work. She is straining to be the warped ringmaster who dictates the perverse practices of a generation, and this deliciously decadent vinyl gropes in the right direction. Sin City snarls in an unnerving Mechanical Animals vein, but many may find Gen a preferable presence to lead them through the piercing plateaus of pleasure and pain.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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