Fickle Heart Album Review


The late 70's emitted a true rock renaissance, with brilliant material showering like sparks from a dazzling supernova.  A good record released amongst many great records, Fickle Heart luckily left an eternal impression through the glistening single "Driver's Seat." Next song "New Lines on Love" actually maintains the perfect standard, with mastermind Paul Robert's whisky whisper wrapped around a spooky transcending guitar line, chasing an ice-cold chorus: "Love don't come from above." In true 70's fashion, Fickle Heart incorporates many styles; some jibe better than others but all are woven spaciously together by the silken production of drummer and patron Luigi Salvoni. Several fine moments float through "Rock & Roll Music," "The Thrill of It All" and "This Side of the Blue Horizon." Robert's eccentric imagery and shadowy characters inhabit a new-wave noirish-world that deserves further exploration (great sleeve too). Roberts (who also co-wrote the global disco smash "Born to Be Alive") would return to his loftier pursuits, leaving behind one of pop's finest singles in "Driver's Seat" and the stunning debut, Fickle Heart.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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