Teaser Album Review


Tommy Bolin's first solo album is nothing short of a masterpiece. While containing bits that hearken back to his pioneering fusion work (instrumentals "Homeward Strut" and "Marching Powder"), Teaser also features his emotive but easy vocals on some of the best rock songs ever: "Teaser," "Wild Dogs," "Dreamer" and the "The Grind." Like most great 70's records, Teaser incorporates multiple styles, resulting in a full sonic experience that hits all the bases. Ace backing from members of Toto and the Tubes, plus Jan Hammer, David Sanborn, Phil Collins and other stars never disrupts the warm and cohesive vibe. Unlike his work with the James Gang or Deep Purple, on Teaser, Bolin's beautiful guitar passages are naturally intrinsic to each song. Teaser takes the listener to the promised land and leaves behind a blueprint of a perfect record.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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