Out of the Closet Album Review


Bully for the Trash Brats. Raging Out of the Closet from Detroit, these four mascaraed stooges thrust, scratch, skid and soar through thirteen teenage traumas without an ounce of subtly or pretension. Another entry in the great glam revival that won't leave the runway, their raunchy but elite linage from Fun City and the Motor City is easy to trace and good to hear. "Eatin' Crow" sits down to the table with the New York Dolls who never go home. "Landlord" shows some vital shading between the jangling jams. "If I Was God" reconfigures the Greatest Story Ever Told for a pool hall setting.  Might be nice if the Brats could taste the big time, but success might affect the music, so just join this wonderfully predictable party. Crank up the disc denouement for an extended fade away (which radiates).

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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