Twisted Forever-A Tribute to the Legendary Twisted Sister Album Review

Koch Records

A glimpse of the masterful music behind the mascaraed mugs and visionary videos of Long Island lunatics Twisted Sister, Twisted Forever recalls what a smokin' sect TS was and also sheds light on fifteen other under-utilized talents, each serving up piping-hot interpretations of nasty TS cuts. Flavor-of-the-day Lit lights the fuse with a faithful run-through of the brilliantly simple TS calling card "I Wanna Rock." The humbly immortal Motorhead owns "Shoot 'Em Down" (You know you're cool if Lemmy & Co. are on your tribute.). Nashville Poontang (lacking breast-fest Corey Parks) does nice work with "The Kids Are Back (guess this band just needs better melodies)." The aptly-christened Overkill goes "Under the Blade." Anthrax takes on the thundering "Destroyer." Nine Days and Chuck D mix things up, adding variety to a very listenable compilation. British blasphemers Cradle of Filth garnish "The Fire Still Burns" into a standout. Only the Step Kings don't step up to the plate and lose the spirit of one of TS's best, "Burn in Hell," but it's hardly a weak link on this chain gang-bang. Elsewhere, Joan Jett works "We're Not Gonna Take It (handled by fellow class chick Bif Naked on Ready to Rumble)." Master of kick, Fu Manchu opens up the hell-bent "Ride to Live" like the sad wings of prime Priest. Hammerfall deserves mention for taking "We're Gonna Make It" to old-school metal heights. Meanwhile, Sebastian Bach, VOD and Sevendust pay their respects until the Twisted ones themselves close their cover album with (natch) a cover,  AC/DC's vintage Vegas homage "Sin City." To my ears, Twisted Forever is easily the sickest and most twisted tribute around. Indeed, you can't stop rock n' roll.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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