Things Aren't Right Album Review


This uber-bizarre Chicago combo serves weird, wacky and wild wax-works that stick in your head (not always a good thing). Aptly-titled, Things Aren't Right requires several listens to enjoy and still more to get the joke(s). Miles Copeland signed these zanies to his Illegal Records/IRS label after he heard The EP, and this inaugural LP spurts Bryan Ferry trilling trapped in bouncy Oingo Boingo biscuits. Skinny-tie before skinny-ties made the scene (hence Nariz's trademark of two wide ties) and new wave before new wave crashed on the shore, Nariz and his Wazband are undeniably talented but strikingly odd. If you like your 80's pop off-kilter and kooky, chances are you'll dig Things Aren't Right, which sets the standard for standing apart.

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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