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The Cheap Trash Radio Archive Playlist for August 2001

This month's playlist includes unforgettable cuts from T. Rex, Bif Naked, & More!

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Playlist for the month of August, 2001.

"Solid Baby" : T. Rex
Brilliant bit from Bolin's lost Porky Pixie period, "Solid Baby" features red-hot hand-clapping and duel drumming.

"Street Rats" : Ted Nugent
Terrible Ted the rock-head teamed with Meatloaf, rising hair producer Tom Werman, and a washboard for the asphalt boogie "Street Rats," from the bicentennial traffic-stopper Free-For-All.

"Burnin' Up" : Judas Priest
Piping hot metal served up by the three-pronged Priest at their prime.

"If You Like" : Eve's Design
Reserved bassman Nimmo takes the mike for this hell-bent for Green track.

"The Peacock Song" : Bif Naked
Peacock poetry from Canadian class act Bif Naked whose I Bificus is one of the best records of the new millennium.

"Public Image" : Ministry
Johnny Rotten's exit and Johnny Lydon's entrance distorted by the high priests of pain, Ministry.

"Love Can Rock You" : Donnie Iris and the Cruisers
The cherry on this Molotov cocktail comes from funky white boy Donnie Iris who knows "Love Can Rock You."

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