Chipmunk Punk Album Review


Mainly the Munks cover conventional stars involved in new wave dalliances, prissy post-punk, or pumping power pop. And so maybe these aren't truly punk songs, but they definitely got the 'tude. There must be something subversive in Alvin singing about chipmunks who go all the way for "Good Girls Don't," one of three inclusions off the kickin' first Knack record (all singles naturally). Suggestive lyrics abound with the almighty "My Sharona" and the A-OK "Frustrated (whereupon Alvin breaks into "Satisfaction")" also represented. "You May Be Right" revs the aforementioned 'tude, with Billy Joel getting as bad as he could, and the motorcycle imagery fits Alvin to a T. No chance of messing up the boss "How Do I Make You" (from Linda Ronstadt's wave wonder Mad Love).  The Queen rockabilly cover is expected, and the Blondie and Cars selections are also obvious but choice choices ("Let's Go" has been beat into the ground, but remains a cool cut.). If nothing else, Chipmunk Punk provides a portrait of a prime period in radio. Purists will scream for the Germs or the Damned, but this is good clean fun (except now we must ever live in fear of Chipmunk Rap).

-STONE, Cheap Trash NYC
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