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Cheap Trash Radio December Edition.

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Playlist for the month of December, 2001.

"Chrismas Message" : Marc Bolan
Bolan showers golden tidings on WCTR listeners.

"Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" : Wizzard
Peace on earth and glam will to all.

"Come On Christmas" : Cheap Trick
This song was recorded with Trick's families on a Sunday night for a children's charity . Note the Fab Four's "Please Please Me" lick at the close.

"Happy Holidays" : Enuff Z'nuff
Yuletide hijinks from the Chicago hair combo with a Spinal Tap nod in the background, "Ain't no jingle bells in Hell."

"Heatmeiser" : Flipp
The World Without a Christmas classic and a festive message from the obnoxious, underrated Flipp.

"Mary Xmas" : Sun 60
Not a holiday song per se, but Sun 60's first single definitely rocks.

"Christmas, Christmas" : Cheap Trick
Another from the winning Gift single by Cheap Trick.

Hasta and Happy Holidays from Cheap Trash. Get ready for another year of cheap fun, cheap thrills, and cheaptrashnyc.

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