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Cheap Trash NYC brings you the Eagerly Awaited & Slightly Belated Valentine's Edition of Cheap Trash Radio.

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Playlist for the month of February, 2002.

"New York, New York" : Manitoba's Wild Kingdom
The King of Men leads his troop through an ode to the city that always stands.

"Whizz Kid" : Mott the Hoople
Another peculiar but provocative portrait from slum city and Mott at its commercial and creative summit.

"Subway Terror" : Starz
Legendary unknowns from the 70's, Starz comes from the finest stock (producer Jack Douglas, manager Bill Aucoin) and displays talent to burn on this ballad of MTA violence.

"Luxury Cruiser" : T-Ride
Legendary unknowns from the 90's, T-Ride combines all the best elements of metal you've heard before, and then somehow bursts forth from a wholly unique place, in consummate style of course, swinging low and riding slow.

"Funny How Love Is" : Queen
As majestic as the name implies, the immortal British band follows love through the ages with Brian May's always regal guitar.

"Makin' Love" : Kiss
Another Valentine treat from the fearsome foursome and WCTR. Treat your loved ones well, on Feb. 14 and every other day, and be back here for more love next month.

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