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The Cheap Trash Radio Archive Playlist for July 2001

This month's playlist includes unforgettable cuts from NY Loose, Nick Gilder, Ian Hunter, & more!

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Playlist for the month of July, 2001.

"Tattoo Vampire" : Blue Oyster Cult
A quick ditty detailing the Long Island agents of fortunes' trip to the ink parlor where they wind up with some deadly sucking tats.

"Electric Love" : Nick Gilder
This fan favorite from Gilder's 1979 masterwork Frequency adds further credence to the Cheaptrashnyc declaration that '79 was the greatest year of rock.

"Psycho Girl" : Ian Hunter
Ian Hunter comes out of retirement every once-in-while to deliver great tunes like this ode to a wild child. From Dirty Laundry, an album Ian recorded with an all-star cast of unknowns including this cut's composer Honest John Plain, late of the Boys.

"Luckiest Girl" : NY Loose
The flip of the second single from the all-too-brief recording career of the ultra-cool Brijitte West & company.

"Switchin' to Glide" : Kings
Some ace pop hides in the early 80's: the Producers, Vapors, and this Kings coup. Tied with the Vogue's "Five O'Clock World" for best clock-out song ever. If only keys could always be this cool.

"Power of 125" : Eve's Design
A piledriver from City of Dirt residents Eve's Design concerning living fast and dying faster.

"Zig-Zag" : Jim Peterik
Chicago celebrity Jim Peterik led the Ides of March ("Vehicle") and Survivor ("Eye o' the Tiger") and wrote many boss cuts including "Heavy Metal" with Sammy Hagar and "You're All I Want to Do" with Cheap Trick. On this new classic he again collaborates with the Trick, pullin' hair maestro Tommy (Cinderella) Kiefer along.

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"Going Through the Motions" : Bonnie Tyler
Ian Hunter wrote this fame meditation with BOC's Eric Bloom for the Cult's (Phil) Spectres album. Six years later, Jim Steinman polishes and rebuilds a wail of sound around Bonnie Tyler, and catapults it over the top.