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The Cheap Trash Radio Archive Playlist for June 2001

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Playlist for the month of June, 2001.

"Rated X" : Nick Gilder
A Brit in Canada, Nick Gilder left his band Sweeney Todd and released his first solo LP "You Know Who You Are" in '77. Pat Benatar covered "X" two years later on her debut, paving the way for Gilder composing "Warrior" with Holly Knight for Scandal in '84.

"Hot Love" : T-Rex
The immortal Marc Bolan ruled early 70's England, but one must search out his stuff in the States. "Hot Love" is a perfect example of his classic off-the-cuff nursery rhyming and bouncing bubble-gum brilliance.

"Rockstar" : Flipp
Flipp is an aptly-named quartet of whackoos who spit out all the right influences (Gary Glitter, Sex Pistols) on two great but hidden albums. Cheaptrashnyc first discovered these nutcases opening for Cheap Trick. Flipp is currently touring with the kinda-cool Everclear.

"Desperate Hopeful" : NY Loose
Named after an Iggy Pop song, NY Loose was the vision of MIA star Brijitte West who kicked off the glimmering "Loosen Up" EP with this power pop jawbreaker. West turned down the lead spot in Garbage and released NY Loose's only long-player, "Year of the Rat", in '96. She then reunited with the Famous Monsters before disappearing into the West Coast.

"Picaboo Street" : Eve's Design
Hot rock meets cool licks in the downtown pound of NYC's Eve's Design. "Picaboo Street" offers only a glimpse of the talented pop & roll found on their self-titled CD.

"Bone to Bone" : Aerosmith
One of Aerosmith's choicest cuts concerns a Coney Island drug dealer and a "steeple chase" involving his wet-dream boardwalk queen.  Down, dirty, and devastating.

"Atomic" : Blondie
Blondie hit their stride with 1979's blinding "Eat to the Beat", epitomized by this dreamy nugget of new-wave nuance.

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"You & Your Friend" : T-Ride
The self-titled, sole release from this innovative trio, is a masterpiece of organic robotics and tuneful precision. T-Ride even pulls off this obligatory ballad: a menage a trois tribute that's one of the best songs on an incredible record.