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Live Restless, Wild, & Free with the Metallic May Edition of WCTR.

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Playlist for the month of May, 2002.

"Radar Rider" : Riggs
Killer opener of the celluloid corker Heavy Metal, and the raison d'etre of Jerry Riggs' Californian quartet.

"Metal Heart" : Accept
Von Beethoven and Van Halen get roasted by the titanic Teutonic troubadours.

"She-Wolf" : Megadeth
Though it's not about John Jameson, the Man-Wolf, this great album cut remains one of the many mighty moments from troubled visionary Dave Mustaine and his now-defunct, pioneering powerhouse Megadeth. RIP

"The Wasteland" : Warrior Soul
Whether he culled the band name from William Blake or George Patton, Kory Clarke spit out psychotic prose that still retains its bitter bite. The thinking man's headbang.

"Rocket Ride" : Kiss
Possibly Paul Frehley's finest. Grab a hold of this imbibed interview with the Space Ace and be back for more Cheap Trash in June.

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