New England Bio for Cheap Trash NYC

This quartet formed around Boston under the auspice of powerhouse manager Bill Aucoin who ruled the 70's with Kiss. Guitarist and vocalist John Fannon proved to be the guiding light of the band, with Jimmy Waldo providing impressive keyboards and Gary Shea on bass while Hirsh Gardener worked the drums. Paul Stanley came over from the Kiss camp to produce New England's sterling debut (featuring the incomparable "P.U.N.K." and the incredible "Nothing to Fear"), an orchestrated, absorbing affair with the boys giving all. The lush "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya" nicked the Top 40, and proved to be New England's moment in the sun. Despite an opening stint supporting the falling but still high-profile Kiss, New England unfortunately slid between the cracks with Starz and Piper, two other talented Aucoin projects. The similar sophomore effort, Explorer Suite, garnered almost no notice, and Todd Rundgren's production on the innovative Walking Wild also didn't produce sales. New England dissolved, with Shea and Waldo ending up in Alcatrazz.

-Stone, CheapTrash NYC
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