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Cheap Trash Radio October Edition.

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Playlist for the month of October, 2001.

"Chequered Love" : Kim Wilde
The Wilde Child kicks off this month's edition with this kicking cut.

"You and I" : Starry Eyes
Cheap Tash Radio reaches out to you. If you know any info on hair-greats Starry Eyes, please send to cheaptrashnyc@hotmail.com

"Bird of Prey" : Uriah Heep
Going way back to '70 and the first record from  those practitioners of power pomposity, Uriah Heep.

"I Want it All" : Eve's Plum
And she just might get it. Layers of heaviness swirl skyward through Blondie intonations courtesy of Vitamin C & Company.

"Debbie Denise" : Blue Oyster Cult
The only bad thing about this tainted valentine is that it closes the eternally exquisite Agents of Fortune whereupon BOC achieves commercial and artistic perfection.

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