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Playlist for the month of September, 2001.

"Sweet Pain" : Kiss
Gene with the whip beside him ... Pain doesn't get any sweeter.

"Why Are You Waiting" : Rick Springfield
Dr. Noah Drake gets it done in an inspirational call-and-response nugget off 74's Comic Book Heroes.

"P.U.N.K" : New England
A great song off a great album, New England's debut is a must-own.

"Blue" : Eve's Plum
Hard to believe Vitamin C came from this Blondie blow-out, but that's her belting out this glorious ode to asphyxiation.

"S.O.S." : Aerosmith
Salt-lickin' biddies in Salt Lake City... stage coach ladies with hour-glass bodies... arguably Aerosmith's finest ... 'nuff said.

"All Alone" : T. Rex
Seek out Futuristic Dragon, it's Bolan at his blissed-out best

"All Over Town" : April Wine
This sparkler kicks off the Canadian classic Nature of the Beast.

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Another outlandish excursion from the Long Island Lunatics, Blue Oyster Cult