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Summer Playlist, 2002.

"Hit the Beach" : Big Spender
Before the British Invasion came the beach invasion, here robotized for the 80's in a sweltering sneak-attack from another CheapTrashNYC obscurity. If you have any knowledge of Big Spender (B-sides this smoking Spring Break scorcher), please email us at cheaptrashnyc@hotmail.com

"You're all Talk" : Cheap Trick
This site's namesake in full color and full stride. When the Rockford four actually connect with the ball, the boys knock it out of the park. Contenders with Aerosmith, Kiss, Kix and Zebra for CTNY's fave American combo.

"Seal it with a Kiss" : New England
Yet another brilliant bit from New England's sophomore sunburst.

"Telephone Relation" : Piper
Billy Squier leads his Beantown boys through a full-frontal power-pop assault.

"Crash and Burn" : April Wine
Fourth of July fireworks from the Canadian powder kegger (with a gold metal Aldo Nova extra). Stay safe, and remember, WE GOT YOUR ROCK RIGHT HERE.

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